About Us

Since Metal-Matic, Inc.’s beginning in 1951 as a research and development facility and then with its first tube mill in 1956, we laid the groundwork supporting three main principles: Quality, Value and Service. Through never-ending commitment in these core areas we established respect and credibility with our longstanding customers. It has also helped potential customers decide we are the best choice for their critical tubing needs. This commitment is exemplified today and is our vision for the future. Partner with Metal-Matic, Inc. and expect QUALITY, VALUE and SERVICE!


Metal-Matic, Inc.’s commitment to excellence starts with offering tube solutions through team feasibility, advanced planning and driving value throughout the supply chain.

We offer metallurgical expertise complete with state-of-the-art laboratories, plus comprehensive metrology capability that operates to highest testing standards. Our manufacturing facilities have real-time process monitoring at each work center coupled with statistical process control for immediate review and analysis.

Metal-Matic, Inc. is IATF 16949 certified company. Click on a specific location to display the certificate:

IATF 16949 – Minneapolis Humboldt, MN
IATF 16949 – Bedford Park, IL
IATF 16949 – Middletown, OH

Metal-Matic, Inc. is RoHS and REACH compliant. We also comply with many DFARS sub clauses. Contact us for your specific needs.


We help customers manage inventories. Our purchasing, production, technical and logistical staff works with you to balance inventory.

Metal-Matic, Inc.’s presence in three distinct regions of the northern U.S. allows us to optimize transportation costs for our customers along with servicing a full range of applications throughout the world in ERW and DOM tubing. Our value leadership consists of providing competitive pricing; on-time delivery; and uniformity of dimensions, finish and mechanical properties. Metal-Matic, Inc. helps customers minimize internal costs by minimizing setup times, scrap and process variability with uniform output at competitive prices.


Our best-in-class customer service offers expedited deliveries, nonstandard and customizable bundle configurations and lot sizes, as well as emergency deliveries for current customers. Our technical services team works with you to find tubing solutions.

Our experienced inside and outside sales representatives provide expertise second to none for the tube user, regardless of industry sector served.

As needed, our cross-functional team of engineers, metallurgists, sales engineers and operations and transportation experts will select the best quality and highest value tubing product for your application and deliver on time.

We have the flexibility, strength and technical expertise to provide solutions for your precision tubing needs.