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Drawn Over Mandrel

Certain applications require closer tolerances on O.D. wall thickness and I.D. than are available in off-the-mill welded tubing. Metal-Matic, Inc.’s Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) tubing also possesses the higher mechanical properties and better surface finishes achieved in cold drawing to these tighter standards.

After normalizing, the tubing is cold drawn through a die and over a mandrel to reduce diameter and wall thickness to required dimensions. Special smooth I.D. surfaces are available for critical applications such as hydraulic cylinders and shock absorbers.

Statistical process control is used to reduce variations in dimensional and other characteristics and is one of the tools used in our drive for continuous improvement. Our exacting quality control testing completes the process.

Size Range

ASTM A513 – .250” OD x .025” W to 4.000” OD x .230” W